5 Facts About Pluto

Pluto has several unique and interesting aspects

1) Pluto Has 3 Moons
Yes Pluto has not one, not two, but three moons. Charon is the name of the most discussed moon as it is the largest. However, Pluto has two other moons which were discovered by the astronomers in 2005.

2) Pluto use to be called Planet X
When Pluto was first found, it was called Planet X as the discoverers were more interesting in learning about Pluto than they were in naming it. However, an 11 year old girl suggested the name Pluto - which picked up enough steam to become the official name of the 9th planet - at that time.

3) Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet
There were 9 planets as they each had unique aspects to them which allowed them to have this classification. However, as technology improved for astronomers, they began to find additional objects in the sky which would have to be classified as planets. Rather than extending the amount of Planets in our solar system to 12, the decision was made to drop Pluto as a planet which essentially gave us 8 planets. So, these new discoveries taught us that Pluto wasn't so unique after all.

4) It is extremely cold on Pluto
I know that we think it's freezing in places on Earth such as Antarctica, however, the cold weather on Pluto is off the charts. It is -382�F on Pluto. Of course human life couldn't exist in these temperatures. The result of these freezing temperatures comes from the fact that Pluto is very far away from the Sun.

5) Pluto isn't always further from the sun that the 8 planets
Many people thought that Pluto was further from the sun than the 8 planets. However, due to Pluto's weird orbit - Planet Neptune is sometimes further from the sun.

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