An amazing discovery by NASA

On February 7th, 2011, the latest NASA discovery was reported

We all know about life that exists on earth. We know all about the moon, having visited in 6 times. We know about the other planets in our solar system and the current goal of NASA is to get to Mars.

So, right when we thought things were in order, we recently learned that there are 54 other planets that could contain life on them. These planets, NASA said, could have liquid water on the surface.

Is there life on any of these 54 planets - we can't say for sure either way. And that is really the startling aspect of this discovery - the fact that not only do we not know if anything is out there - but we also now know that there are specific planets which could be the places where other life exists.

As technology improves and NASA continues its great explorations - we can expect to hear more news. However, this recent discovery of 54 planets certainly is one that has gotten a lot of people's attention.

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