Astronomical Catalog

Just as there are sports, fashion, and technology catalogs that offer interesting tips and information, the astronomical catalog does not shadow far behind. However, although these may seem as unconventional to most individuals within society, astronomical catalogs were actually found before any of these. As the purpose of astronomical catalogs is somewhat different, yet it is tabulation of astronomical objects. The catalog often times differentiates each of objects by their origin, how they were found, or their morphology. These catalogs can be dated back to literally the beginning of early astronomy studies. One of the oldest, yet most well-known astronomical catalogs is Azophi’s Book of Fixed Stars which was originally published in 964. This historical masterpiece displays and describes thousands of stars in detail. There are many different astronomical catalogs, however, here are some of the most well-known and most commonly used within the astronomy field:

* Tycho-2 Catalogue- This catalog covers over 2.5 million stars that are apparently deemed to be the brightest 2.5 millions stars known and studied to present day.

* Washington Double Star Catalog- The Washington catalog is a catalog that aims to list every double star and describes them in great detail covering things such as magnitude and spectral type.

* 2MASS- A catalog that was first set out to discover brown dwarfs, low mass stars, and detect all undetected and rare stars that are within the galaxies.

Each of these astronomical catalogs has set out and completed its set task by granting the user of the catalog a full description of the objects, and furthermore hopefully a better understanding of how many various objects there are in the sky and that each of them are important.

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