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Asteroidia - space game

asteroids, atari, game, 2d, asteroid, earth, 2d game, retro 2d game, download asteroids buy license registration key
and make it yours!

Asteroidia - space game

Rock on with this 2D retro shoot-em-up! Asteroidia features fast paced action with colorfull graphics and explosive sound! Enhancements and 2 modes of play, make this classic more fun then ever! 60 levels of high octane arcade blasting fun you'll want to come back for a "quick fix" over and over again!

Classic 2D Game Action!
Enhanced game play
Awesome graphics and sound
2 Modes of game play
Joystick support
60 levels of arcade action!

System Requirements:

300mhz CPU or better
128mb Ram or better
Sound Card
DirectX 7 or better
16-bit color graphic or better
4-mb video card or better
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes Installed
Windows 98, ME, XP Home

Screenshot: Image 1  
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Moon Tycoon

Space Games, moon tycoon full game free download buy license registration key
and make it yours!

Moon Tycoon Moon Tycoon

Moon Tycoon has similarities to both SimCity and Pharaoh, but brings these types of games completely to the next level with a full 3-D engine, allowing more dynamic visuals and more interactive gameplay.

Moon Tycoon also features sim type problem solving, surround sound, a killer ambient soundtrack, and great replay value with dozens of mission based campaign objectives.


First 3-D Sim game ever!
Complete camera freedom in a fully 3-D gaming environment.
Super realistic textures in a rich, immersive gaming experience.
Dynamic lighting effects & 3-D special effects.
More than 50 fully 3-D lunar buildings including Residencial, Industrial, Research, Recreational and Military Structures.
10 Disasters including: Meteor Showers, Terrorist Attacks, Moonquakes, Artifact Curses and more.
3 exciting Campaigns with dozens of challenging, in-depth missions.
A detailed storyline filled with mystery, humor, intrigue and exciting plot twists.
Multi-national game characters and personalities.
Tons of space facts integrating the activities of Nasa and the International Space Station.
Dynamic gameplay featuring building, commerce, research and trading allowing players to become master of lunar colonization and industry. Ability to create extensive lunar colonies, construct manufacturing plants, mine precious ores and trade space goods in the galactic marketplace.
Dozens of 3-D sounds, immersing players in a incredible lunar environment.
Over an hour of killer ambient/electronic music.


Minimum Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME
200 MHz
700 MB free hard drive space
4x CD-ROM drive
8 MB video card w/DirectX 7 compatible driver
Sound card w/DirectX 7 compatible driver

Recommended Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME
300 MHz
700 MB free hard drive space
8x CD-ROM drive
16 MB video card w/DirectX 7 compatible driver
Sound card w/DirectX 7 compatible driver

Screenshot: Image 1   Image 2
Product Delivery: Download
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Space Wombat

 buy license registration key
and make it yours!

Space Wombat

Space Wombat - 3D Platform Adventure!
Save Space Wombat from the evil WomBots in this 3D action adventure game!

Vendor: Ezone
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Product Delivery: Download
Download: Click here to get a trial version
Buy online: Click here to purchase now the full product !
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moon phases Information about the moon
space astronomy  Moon Phases Calendar
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moon image Astronomy Software

astrology software Astrology Software
Instantly view the Moon Phase on your computer desktop with this screensaver
screen savers

for only $12.95

free trial
StarMessage: The Moon Phases Screensaver for Microsoft Windows
¤ View the current lunar phase
¤ Get reminder about upcoming full moons
¤ Write your messages with the stars of the night sky
StarMessage is a gift you should buy to anyone important in your life.
Opinions about the StarMessage screensaver by other users like you
¤ I downloaded the trial and was so pleased with it I HAD to register it. It's great to look at, its a good communication tool. I leave greetings, messages there for other family members. Its amazing and practical, worth every penny and A+ customer support.

Janice Brown

¤ This is by far the very best screen saver one can find. Lost hard drives etc....I will reinstall each and every time. Have had since 98 and wouldn't change it for one second. Who can ask for more than the 'moon and stars'?
  Sherry Smothers
Sarasota, FL

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Do you have a Small Business or a Home Office?

Olympus Business Contacts Manager
¤ Organize your business address book
¤ Import, Filter, Export, send emails and faxes
¤ Easy to install and start using in 10'
  Download Basic Edition » 

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A great gift for all of us who like the moon and stars

wishing on a falling star
with the StarMessage screensaver

screensavers about the moon

for only $12.95

free trial

clean and safe screensaver

  • Lets you write your name, your wishes, or your love messages with the stars of the night sky.
  • Shows the current moon phase.
  • Notifies you about the upcoming full moon and the full moon name and percent of the moon illuminated.
  • Falling stars might make your wishes come true.
  • Calms you with tender sounds of ocean waves, birds, lullabies.
  • Shows famous quotes of love, peace, wisdom and humor.
  • Is easy to install or to remove.
  • Carefully engineered, to use minimum disk and memory space from your computer. It does not overload your computer.
  • And much more ... »



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