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backdoor.lifefournow. Removal tool backdoor.lifefournow. Removal tool

backdoor.lifefournow. Removal tool

Did you get infected by backdoor.lifefournow. ?
Please see our updated list of free online antivirus scanners. Be patient and run these tools to remove infection.

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BitDefender Internet Security

BitDefender 9 Internet Security, internet security, parental control, pc firewall buy license registration key
and make it yours!

BitDefender Internet Security BitDefender Internet Security

BitDefender 9 Internet Security covers all the security needs of an Internet-connected family. It provides essential protection against viruses, spyware, spam, scams, phishing attempts, intruders and objectionable web content.

The mission of the Antivirus module is to ensure detection and removal of all viruses in the wild. BitDefender Antivirus uses robust scan engines, certified by ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, CheckVir and TÜV.

The firewall module filters network traffic and controls the access time and permissions for applications and users connecting to the Internet. In Stealth Mode your computer is "hidden" from malicious software and hackers.

Quite simply put, the BitDefender antispam module deals with the problem of spam, so you don't have to.

Monitor and prevent potential spyware threats in real-time, before they can damage your system. By making use off a comprehensive database of spyware signatures, your computer will remain spyware-free.

Parental Control
The BitDefender parental control module can block access to web sites you deem inappropriate, block access to the Internet for certain periods of time (such as when it's time for lessons), and block applications like games, chat, filesharing programs or others from running.



Main Window
Virus shield
Virus Scan
Connections and open ports
Firewall wizard
Firewall alert
Spammers list
System info
Web time limiter Antivirus

Heuristics in Virtual Environment
Heuristics in Virtual Environment (HiVE) emulates a virtual computer-inside-a-computer where pieces of software are run in order to check for potential malware behavior. This BitDefender proprietary technology represents a new security layer that keeps the operating system safe from unknown viruses by detecting malicious pieces of code for which signatures have not been released yet.

Permanent Antivirus Protection
The new and improved BitDefender scanning engines will scan and disinfect infected files on access, minimizing data loss. Infected documents can now be recovered, instead of being deleted.

Peer-2-Peer Applications Protection
Filters against viruses that spread via instant messaging and file sharing software applications.

Full E-mail Protection
BitDefender runs on the POP3/SMTP protocol level, filtering incoming and outgoing e-mail messages, regardless of the e-mail client used (MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus, The Bat, etc.), without any additional configuration.



Internet Traffic Control
Define exactly which incoming or outgoing connections to permit/deny. Define rules regarding specific protocols, ports, applications and/or remote addresses.

Connection Control
BitDefender lets you see in real time which programs have opened which connections to the network. You can choose to allow or block these, either permanently or temporarily, with a single mouse click.

Stealth mode
Malicious individuals or software programs need not find out that your computer even exists, let alone provides services to the network. The Stealth Mode option will stop your machine from responding to attempts to find out which ports are open, or where exactly it is.



Stay clear of malicious e-mails trying to trick you into giving away your bank account info with BitDefender's new phishing detector.

Heuristic, URL, White List/Blacklist,Charset and Image Filters
Five types of filters further refine your control over e-mail. The heuristic filter checks mail for characteristics of spam. The White List/Blacklist filter will reject mail from known spammer addresses and let your friends' mail through, the URL filter blocks mail containing malicious links while the charset filter blocks mail written with "strange" characters. The image filter can decide whether images embedded in e-mails are specific to spam.

Compatibility and Outlook(tm) integration
BitDefender antispam is compatible with all e-mail clients. The BitDefender antispam toolbar in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express allows users to filter mail and contacts without exiting Outlook.



Real-Time Antispyware
BitDefender monitors dozens of potential "hotspots" in your system where spyware might act, and also checks any changes made to your system and software. Known spyware threats are also blocked in real-time.

Spyware scanning and cleaning
BitDefender can scan your system, or part of it, for known spyware threats. The scan uses a constantly updated spyware signature database.

A configurable anti-dialer prevents malicious applications from running up a huge telephone bill at your expense.


Parental Control

Web Control
An URL Filter enables you to block access to inappropriate web content. A list of candidates for blocking both sites and parts thereof will be provided and updated by BitDefender, as part of the regular update process. Pages containing references (links) to blacklisted websites can also be blocked at will.

Web Time Limiter
Using the web time limiter, you cam allow or block web access for users or applications during specified intervals of time.

Application Control
Any application can be blocked from running. Games, media and messaging software, as well as other categories of software and malware can be blocked this way. Applications blocked in this manner are also protected from modifications, and cannot be copied or moved.

Screenshot: Image 1   Image 2
Vendor: BitDefender
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eTrust EZ Antivirus

Antivirus, anti virus, ez antivirus tools, download antivirus,ca antivirus buy license registration key
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eTrust EZ Antivirus

eTrust EZ Antivirus is an award-winning antivirus solution that provides complete protection, detection and elimination of thousands of computer viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs for home and home office PCs. The easy-to-use interface and frequent automatic updates make it effortless to stay protected, and the small installation file does not strain PC system resources.

eTrust EZ Antivirus is ICSA-certified to detect 100% of viruses "in-the-wild". This software is supported by the CA Security Advisory Team, providing worldwide 24x7 research labs to ensure protection from the latest threats. eTrust EZ Antivirus leverages the same technology CA has developed for the world's most demanding corporate users, including over 95% of the Fortune 500..

eTrust EZ Antivirus offers simple-to-use yet powerful features like: automatic daily virus signature file updates to easily and effectively address the main cause of virus attacks ; out of date signature files; automatic email scanning and archive scanning; scheduled scanning to allow you to scan for viruses at times most convenient for you; real-time scanning to automatically detect and remove viruses from any file you access; heuristic scanning to find viruses even before they appear on the latest virus signature file updates; and interactive virus detection messages with links to the CA Virus Information Center, providing you with detailed information on viruses that have been detected on your PC.

eTrust Antivirus software has been designed to allow for quick download and installation, fast updates, and low usage of PC system resources, while providing seamless compatibility with other applications.

EZ Antivirus is bought by CA and sold as CA Antivirus 2009

Vendor: eTrust
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F-Secure Internet Security 2006

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F-Secure Internet Security 2006 F-Secure Internet Security 2006

All in one solution for your PC. F-Secure Internet Security 2006 protects your PC and data against viruses and all other malware, even stealth threats that use special rootkit-techniques...

F-Secure Anti-Virus 2006
Integrated Anti-Spyware
F-Secure Anti-Spam
Parental Control with a web surfing time lock
Automatic daily virus definition updates
Rootkit Detection

Protects your computer against viruses, worms and rootkits
F-Secure Internet Security 2006 provides the best virus protection, protecting your PC around the clock. It combines automated virus discovery and removal, with daily automatically updated virus protection from F-Secure's world-renowned virus research laboratory. The product also detects rootkits, a new form of hidden malware that is not detected by conventional antivirus products.
Includes real-time protection against spyware
Detects and removes secretly installed spying software from your computer. The software is based on Lavasoft's award winning Ad-Aware technology.
Protects your computer against hackers
An integrated personal firewall stops hackers from breaking into your computer and lets you keep your private data to yourself.
Helps you stay free from spam e-mail
The amount of spam is increasing. With F-Secure Internet Security you have another line of defense against this growing problem.
Protects your children against unwanted Internet content
The parental control feature ensures that your children do not enter objectionable sites, based on a comprehensive list of different content categories.
Includes a web surfing time lock for children
You can define at what time of the day your children are allowed to surf on the Internet.
Application Control
You are able to control the applications on the workstation that can access the Internet. Thus the users cannot run forbidden applications (such as peer-to-peer networking) that may allow hackers and worms to sneak in.
Easy to install and use
F-Secure Internet Security 2006 is extremely easy to install and use. As the software is highly automated, you don't have to learn to use it or understand any complexities of data security.
The fastest protection against new virus outbreaks
F-Secure's virus research team operates 24 hours a day to make sure it is always among the first to deliver protection against new viruses. This is why your F-Secure Internet Security is always up to date.
Security news
You will get news about new virus outbreaks delivered to your computer. This ensures that you get fast information about the virus and its behavior with instructions on how to avoid an infection and a confirmation whether your computer is already protected against the virus.

Vendor: Fsecure
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Kaspersky Anti-Hacker

Kaspersky anti-hacker, home computer, home pc, home office personal computer, hacker protection, hacker attacks, hacker network attacks, personal firewall, personal firewall protection, track network activity, packer filtration, stealth surfing, DoS attacks, ping of death, land, helkern, lovesan, smbdie, home computer hacker protection, protect home office pc, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker Software, Kaspersky Lab, kasperskylab buy license registration key
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Kaspersky Anti-Hacker

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker

Computers need protection against hacker attacks which can steal information, introduce viruses into your system, and turn your machine into a zombie for use in spamming attacks. And all of this can be done without your knowledge or consent.

Say no to hackers
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker, the personal firewall developed by Kaspersky Labs, offers you reliable protection against all these threats. The product has flexible configuration and five security levels for ease of use. It is fully compatible with MS WIndows XP SP2.

Effective protection
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker blocks the most common hacker network attacks by continuously filtering incoming and outgoing traffic. The program detects most types of DoS attacks, as well as Ping of Death attacks, Land, Helkern, Lovesan and SMBDie. In addition, Anti-Hacker detects attempted port scans that often precede mass attacks. When an attack occurs a notification is immediately sent to the user.

Tracking network activity
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker contains predefined rules for the most commonly used mail transfer agents, web-browsers, ICQ and other instant messaging programs. You can set security rules for Internet applications, and can regulate network application activity on the basis either of general program categories or specific actions performed by individual applications.

Packet filtration
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker checks all data packets and prevents unsanctioned leaks of confidential information. The program analyses all aspects of data transfer; headings, the protocol used, ports, IP addresses and so forth. Packets are filtered according to user defined rules based on this information. For instance, you can set packet filtration rules that will apply to all applications or only specified ones. If an IP-address is blocked by packet filtration rules, it will not be accessible to any application.

Self-modification system
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker modifies security rules for Internet applications using its inbuilt self-modification feature. When an event occurs which is not described in the pre-defined rules, the user has the option to create and add a new rule to the list of security rules. As a result, users are free to tailor a security profile to meet their specific needs.

Total invisibility
SmartStealth technology protects you by making your PC 'invisible'. When your computer is in 'Stealth' mode, no one can detect your computer in a network since all network activity is prohibited, unless explicitly permitted by rules which you, the user, define. You are free to surf the Internet unseen. You are even protected against DoS attacks.

Vendor: Kaspersky Labs
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Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal download, antivirus download,pc antivirus,Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal, antivirus, Trojans, worms, malware, email protection, new virus definitions, antivirus personal, Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab, kasperskylab buy license registration key
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Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal

Best Protection from malware
Your PC is under constant attack by viruses, Trojans, Internet-worms and other malware. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal monitors all virus entry points leaving you with a clean and safe machine.

Easy of use
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal now includes a redesigned interface supported by new architecture. The program is simple to install and use. You only need to choose from three levels of protection and your PC is completely safe.

Protection from riskware
Today, adware, spyware and other malware threaten your security as much as classic viruses. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal secures your PC against these new threats as well as traditional viruses.

Two-tier email protection
Email is the most typical source of virus infection. We check and cure both incoming and outgoing mail in real-time. We even scan and clean your mailbases. Your email is always safe!

Cleans and cures compressed files
Virus writers now hide their dirty tricks in compressed files. But our program is ready for this. We detect viruses in over 700 compressed file formats and disinfect and cure ZIP, ZRJ, CAB and RAR files.

New virus definitions every 3 hours
New viruses appear every day! Kaspersky Labs protects you with 8 daily antivirus database updates automatically downloaded via the Internet. New epidemics are no threat to you.

Mobile user support
Virus definitions are delivered regardless of how often you connect and disconnect. Your mobile devices are protected!

Round-the-clock technical support
Should you have any questions about viruses or about installing and using Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal, our customer support staff will answer them any time of the day or night.

Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME

Vendor: Kaspersky Labs
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Kaspersky Personal Security Suite - 1 year

Kaspersky,Personal,Security,Suite,-,1,year,Kaspersky,Labs, Antivirus, Optimizers,&,Diagnostics,Utilities,Tools, Avg Antivirus, Avg Antivirus donload buy license registration key
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Kaspersky Personal Security Suite - 1 year

All-round protection
Viruses and spyware are evolving faster than ever. New types of spam appear every day. Hackers are always searching for new machines to attack and control. With the number and type of threat constantly increasing, an antivirus solution alone is not enough. You need to protect your computer against all threats. Kaspersky Personal Security Suite is a program package specially developed to protect personal computers running Windows against the whole range of cyber threats.

Full-scale defense against viruses, hackers and spam
Protection against spyware
Exceptional detection rates
Rapid response to new threats
Easy installation
Free support - 24/7
Protection against viruses and spyware
The Kaspersky Anti-Virus component provides reliable protection for your system against malware, adware and spyware. Antivirus protection is easy to install, configure and use. The component monitors all incoming and outgoing email messages and mail client databases, ensuring multi-tiered defense for your correspondence. Proprietary scanning technology detects viruses in over 900 compressed and archive file formats, and disinfection in ZIP, ARJ, CAB and RAR format files.

Extended databases protect against adware and spyware – the latest threats that endanger your computer. Kaspersky Personal Security Suite makes it possible for you to surf the Internet with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your computer is secured against malware of all types.

Protection against hackers
Kaspersky Personal Security Suite shields your confidential data from hackers. The user-friendly program is easy to configure, and blocks unauthorized attempts to penetrate your system, preventing any data leaks. The solution monitors application activity and analyzes all data packets received or transmitted by your computer. This erects a solid defense against hacker probes and regulates applications attempting to connect to the Internet. It also prevents unsanctioned data transmission to third parties. Moreover, your computer can be run in stealth mode, allowing you to surf the Internet without being detected by hackers.

Protection against spam
The antispam program provides comprehensive protection against spam. Cutting-edge linguistic analysis tools are used to monitor incoming mail for spam. You have the option to create your own black lists, ensuring that you will never lose a legitimate message, but that your inbox will remain free of spam.

Frequent updates
Kaspersky Lab reacts rapidly to new viruses, malicious software and types of spam. The company releases antivirus database updates every hour, and the spam signature database is updated as often as three times an hour. You can download updates directly to your computer via the Internet. These frequent updates secure your computer against even the newest malicious programs and spam.

24-hour technical support
Kaspersky Lab technical support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Personnel are always at hand to answer any questions about installation, configuration or use of Kaspersky Personal Security Suite.

Vendor: Kaspersky Labs
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Norton AntiVirus

norton antivirus,norton 2006, symantec norton antivirus buy license registration key
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Norton AntiVirus Norton AntiVirus

Stay protected with the world's most trusted antivirus software.

Now includes 12 months of protection updates and new product features as available throughout the year; annual subscriptions available for subsequent renewal.**
On-going Protection keeps your computer protected from the latest Internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the regular subscription price (plus applicable tax), so you don't have to. For more information, click here.
Enjoy your computer with confidence, knowing viruses, Trojan horses, and worms will be detected and removed automatically.
Surf the Web without being watched by dangerous spyware or unwanted adware, and without getting hijacked and redirected to spyware download sites.***
Breathe easy when new viruses surface, assured your protection is automatically updated.**
Open email and IM attachments without worry, knowing they’ve been scoured for threats.
Create and share files at will, knowing even compressed files have been scanned for viruses.

Vendor: Symantec
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Norton Internet Security 2008

norton antivirus 2006, norton internet security download 2006, norton internet security amd64 buy license registration key
and make it yours!

Norton Internet Security 2008 Norton Internet Security 2008

Enjoy your connection to the world. Protect your computer from viruses, hackers, spyware, and spam with comprehensive security.

Includes Norton AntiVirus™*, Norton™ Personal Firewall, Norton AntiSpam™, & Norton™ Parental Control.
Now includes 12 months of protection updates and new product features as available throughout the year.**
On-going Protection keeps your computer protected from the latest Internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the regular subscription price (plus applicable tax), so you don't have to. For more information, click here.

Enjoy your computer with confidence, knowing you have automatically updated protection against viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.**
Surf the Web without being watched by dangerous spyware and without getting hijacked and redirected to spyware download sites.
Keep spam and phishing email out of your inbox and keep deceptive pop-up windows and banner ads off your screen.
Open email and IM attachments knowing they’ve been scoured for threats.
Connect knowing hackers and identity thieves are locked out and private information is locked in.
Protect your kids from unsafe and unsavory Web sites.
Check your entire system for security holes with the click of a button.

Vendor: Symantec
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Norton Personal Firewall 2008

Norton Firewall buy license registration key
and make it yours!

Norton Personal Firewall 2008

Connect to the Internet on your own terms. Controls what goes in and what goes out with automatic protection.
For Windows 2000, Windows XP.

Now includes 12 months of protection updates and new product features as available throughout the year.*

On-going Protection keeps your computer protected from the latest Internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the regular subscription price (plus applicable tax), so you don't have to. For more information, click here.

Stay connected all the time, protected against hackers, lurkers, and identity thieves.

Take control over which programs are allowed to connect to the Internet.

Go stealth when you’re online, making your computer invisible to hackers.

Communicate with confidence, knowing your personal data won’t go out without your knowledge.

Be the boss of your computer, directing all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Vendor: Symantec
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SpyCatcher 2006

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SpyCatcher 2006

SpyCatcher is an advanced anti-spyware tool. SpyCatcher's comprehensive database detects tens of thousands of spyware, adware, trojans and worms, from the most common to the most obscure, and SpyCatcher updates itself automatically to provide immediate protection from the latest danger.

SpyCatcher is the only anti-spyware product with a Reinstall Shield that defends against advanced, aggressive spyware programs which silently reinstall after deletion. SpyCatcher's Protector watches your computer for running spyware and alerts you immediately when new spyware is installed, and you can run full sweeps automatically using the built-in Scheduler.

SpyCatcher's extensive online encyclopedia lets you read about the threat a program represents, ways you may have contracted it and statistics on how many other users have encountered it. SpyCatcher's Detective feature lets you see all the hidden programs on your computer and easily remove any you don't want. SpyCatcher even disguises disabled adware as "active" to trick some ad-dependent software into running even though its threat has been eliminated.

SpyCatcher is an easy and powerful way to protect yourself from the many malicious programs that bypass anti-virus software and firewalls - don't go online without it!

Screenshot: Image 1   Image 2
Vendor: Tenebril Inc.
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The Shield Pro 2006 - Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus download, internet firewall, The Shield Professional 2006, reinstalling shield pro, pcsecurityshield problems buy license registration key
and make it yours!

The Shield Pro 2006 - Antivirus and Firewall

You Save $20 Off Retail Price

The Shield Professional 2006 provides essential virus protection from viruses, hackers, Trojans and privacy threats. Powerful yet easy to use, protect yourself, your family, and your PC online with The Shield Pro™. The Shield Pro™ gives you 1 year of protection and PCSecurityShield gives you all the free technical support you need to successfully protect your computer. The Shield Pro now comes with Easy Installer, to make download and installation simpler than ever before.

The Shield Pro accurately detects and repairs viruses with its fully optimized and separated antivirus engine for Macro, Script and Windows viruses. It is distinguished from the other Antivirus tools by its high-speed scanning capability. It also scans and cleans email messages on a real time basis before they ever reach your computer.

> Designed & Certified for Windows XP
> Integrates Functionality with MS Explorer
> Macro Virus-Monitoring Module
> No Need to Reboot After Installation
> Virus Protection Definition Updates
> Uses Very Low System Resources
> Incoming and Outgoing Email Messages
> Blocks Virus Infections in Real-Time

The Shield Pro 2006 gives you both virus protection and hacker security by providing ongoing support and updates. When a virus breaks out, The Shield Pro 2006 will provide a patch within 2-3 hours and a fix for the virus within 5 hours. You can set you computer to update viruses weekly and run a complete virus scan. Virus protection is a must and no one with internet access should surf without it.

What are viruses?
Viruses are small files that attach to emails or downloads and infect your computer which is why you need virus protection. They can be as harmless as displaying funny pictures on your monitor or they can go through your address book and send everyone within your address book the same virus. More dangerous versions can completely wipeout your computer and all your information and some can take over your machine and send spam from your computer. Without your knowledge, you can become a spammer. Virus protection saves you from virus problems.

What are hackers?
Hackers are the underbelly of the internet. They are people who randomly scan the internet to find "openings" so they can go in and snoop around. Once into your machine, they have as much access to it as you do. That means your online banking, personal data, family data … are all available to a hacker. Hacker security is your safety net when surfing.


"I have used Norton and McAfee, but The Shield is so much simpler and takes so much less system resources to run" - Howard, Westland, MI

"I had an installation question. I called, a live person actually answered, and The Shield virus protection -was running 2 minutes later" - Margo, Stamford, CT

Thank you for your quick and prompt response! I am glad to know I just invested my money into a company that cares! thanks again! - Keith - Davison, MI

Screenshot: Image 1  
Vendor: PCSecurityShield
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trojan cleaner trojan cleaner

trojan cleaner and removal tools.

Did you get infected by trojan ?
Please see our updated list of free online antivirus scanners. Be patient and run these tools to remove infection.

Antivirus and Trojan online free scanners »

What is a computer firewall What is a computer firewall

:: Why to use a firewall

Your Internet connection is very similar to the server connection for a large company. You probably know that using the Internet places you and your computer at risk of attack. Large companies employ a staff of experienced security professionals to minimize the risk of an Internet attack to their computers, while you stand alone against the problem. What can you do to prevent damage to your system and data?

First, you should install computer software written by professional security specialists. This software is responsible for securing your computer and data while you are working or playing on the Internet. Attacks against computers are very common on the Internet. Hacker attacks are dangerous, not only because of possible damage to your data and documents, but through leaking confidential information, (e.g. bank accounts or numbers on your credit cards) to an unauthorized individual.

During such an attack, the hacker takes the opportunity to use your computer without your knowledge, appearing on the network in your name. The hacker can use your computer as the bridgehead to attack other computers (for example, banking or military computers). During such an attack, Internet Service Provider logs will record the attack. The log information indicates that the attack originated from your computer.

Finally, the hacker may not be skilled enough to successfully attack your computer. An unsuccessful attack may jeopardize the workability of your computer (malfunction) or result in the loss of data. You will need to ask a professional to reinstall Windows and all other applications, wasting your time and money.
Additionally, gaining access to your PC, the hacker uses your Internet connection which is paid for by you.

Hacker attacks increase the load and decrease the efficiency of your Internet provider. An attack may increase your fees from telephone companies and Internet providers. NetManager Light is designed to solve problems associated with Internet security on your computer. In your hands, this is a powerful and convenient tool for rejecting attacks to your computer. NetManager Light controls all Internet traffic, blocking all attempts to gain access to your computer.

:: How hackers get into your PC

When you are using the Internet, you have instant access to any other computer in the world, which is also connected to the Internet. At the same time, any other Internet user has the ability to access your computer. Undoubtedly, all unauthorized access to your computer encounters resistance from a built-in Windows Security System and security associated with other applications installed on your computer. How reliable are these measures?
The Windows OS and other applications are rather complicated software.

It is very difficult for developers to guarantee the bug-free implementation of complicated software. That is why, several times a year, Microsoft and other software developers release patches, service packs, etc., to fix bugs and security holes in operating system and applications. Despite all the efforts of developers, new problems and bugs are found in software security.

A detailed description of known problems in Microsoft product security may be found at Microsoft Security Bulletins.

Even using all latest patches does not guarantee you a safe Internet experience. The Microsoft website, as well as other software developer websites, offer information and service packs for problems which have already been solved. However, there are many unsolved problems in the security area, so you cannot obtain a hot fix for them. In addition to technical security issues, there is a human factor.

An example of the human factor may be due to the use of a simple password for the Windows login or even an empty password. Forgotten user accounts, shared directories, printers and other resources available to any user on the network are risk factors. Programs installed but not used (e.g. a non-adjusted IIS allows any one to launch any program on your computer) are also risks. Launched services you don’t understand well are potential human security problems. Every reason explained above can open doors to your computer for a hacker. To prevent attacks against your computer, you must have extensive technical skills and spend many hours configuring your system. This is a complicated effort.

:: How does a firewall work?

In buildings, firewalls are barriers that prevent fire from spreading. The concept is similar for computers. There are many varieties of "fire" because of Internet-hacker activity, viruses, worms, and so forth. A firewall is a system that stops the fire from spreading to your computer. A firewall is special software in your computer, filtering all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. A firewall does not fix problems with your software - it prevents hackers from using your software security problems to launch their attacks.
One advantage of this method is its universality. A firewall will also deactivate Trojan horses (harmful components built into software by some unprincipled developers).

The firewall continuously checks all Internet traffic. If suspicious activity is detected, (information sent or received from the Internet that may be dangerous to your computer or your confidentiality) the transmission will be blocked and the user notified regarding the potentially dangerous traffic. The user can decide whether to allow this information or not.

The firewall guards the "doors" to your computer. The “doors” are ports through which Internet traffic enters and leaves your computer. The firewall only lets traffic through the ports that you have specified. This has two security benefits:

An attacker can’t sneak into your computer through an unguarded port.

Programs installed on your computer can't use unguarded ports to contact the outside world without your permission.

Microsoft is attempting to do so in their Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. We are not sure if this will be a successful story.

What is an Antivirus Software What is an Antivirus Software

Anti Virus Software
Email is a major entry point for computer virus infection of business networks. Viruses such as 'Melissa' and 'The Love Bug' have caused millions of dollars of software and hardware damage, not to mention loss of company business, productivity and goodwill.

Traditional virus scanning products operate at the user workstation or network server and attempt to catch virus activity from infected files which are already present.

Up to 300 new viruses appear in the world every week. With the development of the Internet the probability of being infected has increased many times. Consequences following virus activity can be disastrous. That is why while choosing anti-virus software it is especially important to find a solution providing the best capabilities for virus detection.

Viruses don't just travel via email - they also travel via floppy disk, CD, network shares, instant messaging and web downloads. Defending your desktop computers against the virus threat is essential.

Anti-virus protection is no use if you don't keep it updated. Keep a eye on it.

When it comes to Anti Virus programs only the best solution is a good solution.

win32 startpage.trojan win32 startpage.trojan

win32 startpage.trojan cleaner and removal tools.

Did you get infected by startpage.trojan ?
Please see our updated list of free online antivirus scanners. Be patient and run these tools to remove infection.

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worm.SomeFool.P removal toll »
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worm.SomeFool.P removal toll

Does anyone know how to clean up the worm.SomeFool.P off of a pc?

Here's a Symantec automated removal tool which cleans most variants of Netsky

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Download: Click here to get the free version
image of the moon, lunar phase schedule download
moon phases Information about the moon
space astronomy  Moon Phases Calendar
full moon Full Moon dates
moon image Astronomy Software

astrology software Astrology Software
Instantly view the Moon Phase on your computer desktop with this screensaver
screen savers

for only $12.95

free trial
StarMessage: The Moon Phases Screensaver for Microsoft Windows
¤ View the current lunar phase
¤ Get reminder about upcoming full moons
¤ Write your messages with the stars of the night sky
StarMessage is a gift you should buy to anyone important in your life.
Opinions about the StarMessage screensaver by other users like you
¤ I downloaded the trial and was so pleased with it I HAD to register it. It's great to look at, its a good communication tool. I leave greetings, messages there for other family members. Its amazing and practical, worth every penny and A+ customer support.

Janice Brown

¤ This is by far the very best screen saver one can find. Lost hard drives etc....I will reinstall each and every time. Have had since 98 and wouldn't change it for one second. Who can ask for more than the 'moon and stars'?
  Sherry Smothers
Sarasota, FL

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Do you have a Small Business or a Home Office?

Olympus Business Contacts Manager
¤ Organize your business address book
¤ Import, Filter, Export, send emails and faxes
¤ Easy to install and start using in 10'
  Download Basic Edition » 

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A great gift for all of us who like the moon and stars

wishing on a falling star
with the StarMessage screensaver

screensavers about the moon

for only $12.95

free trial

clean and safe screensaver

  • Lets you write your name, your wishes, or your love messages with the stars of the night sky.
  • Shows the current moon phase.
  • Notifies you about the upcoming full moon and the full moon name and percent of the moon illuminated.
  • Falling stars might make your wishes come true.
  • Calms you with tender sounds of ocean waves, birds, lullabies.
  • Shows famous quotes of love, peace, wisdom and humor.
  • Is easy to install or to remove.
  • Carefully engineered, to use minimum disk and memory space from your computer. It does not overload your computer.
  • And much more ... »



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