What Is the Dark Side Of The Moon

If you came hoping to find the lyrics to a famous song by the artist pink Floyd, unfortunately this may not be the best place. However, if you’re curious to figure out why the sun has a dark side of the moon, and how it came to be you are in the correct place. The dark side of the moon is the part of the moon that never sees the earth. The dark side of the moon is a characteristic of its orbit. Furthermore, the orbit of the moon completes roughly in 27 days. Furthermore, the moon only rotates once per orbit, therefore it generally has the same side always facing the earth. The main proprietor for keeping the moon facing the same way is the water that is present on earth.

The gravitational interactions of the water actually keep the moon pulled and facing toward us. The moon may not always face the exact same way every day, but it is relatively close as the moon is on an elliptical path. As the dark side of the moon is roughly 280 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, it is still quite a mystery as to what would be the case if the moon’s dark side ever faced the planet earth. The implications of such an event are complex and rarely ever discussed, considering it is technically impossible as long as there is water present on the earth.

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