Earth's Electromagnetic Field

The earth consists of not one but two fields.

The earth is often times considered a baby, although it is roughly 4.6 billion years old, the earth in comparison to other planets in other galaxies or even some within our own, is significantly younger. However, an interesting characteristic of the earth is its electromagnetic field known as a magnetic dipole, meaning that it consists of two fields that range in different poles the north and south. These magnetic poles are ironically posted geographically on their magnetic opposites. Meaning that the north magnetic pole resides on the geographic south pole, and the south magnetic pole residing on the geographic north pole. The origin of this concept regarding Earth’s electromagnetic field can best be understood through the dynamo theory. The dynamo theory basically stating that the process of rotating, convecting, and electrically conducting fluid will basically create a electromagnetic field big enough to fit the earth.

The purpose of the electromagnetic field is to protect the somewhat sensitive earth to the shear solar winds that are stream from the sun. Streams of these energetic charged particles usually have energy between 10 and 100 keV, and could technically rip the earth to shreds. However, these particles are deterred or blocked by this magnetic field in order to ensure the earth is not harmed. The act of blocking these particles is known as Lorentz force, which is the force due to electromagnetic fields through induction and the formula F= q[E+ ( v x B). This basically stating that A positively charged particle will be accelerated in the same linear orientation as the field, but will curve perpendicularly to both the instantaneous velocities.

The sun emitting these particles has the capabilities and can destroy the earth and its various layers, but due to the electromagnetic field, instead the particles bounce off of the shield very much like water on an umbrella. The earth’s electromagnetic field originates from the core of the earth, yet is so powerful that it actually deters the particles outside of the earth, and even before they are able to reach the outmost layer of the atmosphere. Without the earth’s electromagnetic field, the earth and every single entity that originates from the earth would most definitely be desolated. However, due to the earth’s magnetic field the exponentially powerful particles of the sun create a safe environment for the earth and its inhabitants.

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