Earth's Formation Theories

How did earth get here in the first place.

The Big Bang Theory can start explaining about the Earth�s formation. According to Big Bang Theory, our universe was empty but everything begun with a super massive gaseous point. Then, randomly, enough energy was created to break the huge bond that was holding a huge body together. That breakage made the body to explode and created super heated particles that were dispersed all over the space. Right after, protons, neutrons, electrons, and their anti-particles begin to form in the space. Those super heated particles begin to cool down by giving off energy. In return, they created hydrogen and other massive atoms. As time passed, more atoms were created and they started to pull each other with atomic forces and gravitational forces. The bodies became more massive and created a fusion. That fusion eventually exploded and sent out more massive atoms into the universe. Those atoms were later combined and created planets, smaller stars, asteroids, and numerous other solid bodies.

Later on, the solar system was formed. As matter was condensing and stars started to form, another fusion took place. It burnt its usable hydrogen and other larger elements and eventually exploded. The first star collapsed and formed the Earth. Earth was a very unique planet because it was the only planet that had visible water. Also, it had temperature and atmospheric pressure which could be explained. However, these theories are still unsure and the real formation of the Earth is still unknown.

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