Earth's Magnetic Field

About the core of the Earth.

The Earth’s core is hotter than the Curie temperature of iron, which is about 770 degrees Celsius. This makes impossible for the Earth to have magnetic field. However, despite the fact, Earth does have a magnetic field. When you think of Earth’s magnetic field, you can think about a bar magnet. Just like a bar magnet, Earth’s magnetic field is a magnetic dipole with the magnetic field on the South and the North poles. The magnetic field South Pole is near the Earth’s geographic North Pole and the magnetic field North Pole is near the Earth’s geographic South Pole. Because of the Earth’s axis, it is tilted 11 degrees from the spin axis of the Earth.

Magnetic fields are always surrounded by electric currents. Therefore, scientists are guessing that Earth’s molten metallic core with the circulating electric currents made it possible for the Earth to have a magnetic field. The biggest help that magnetic field gives the Earth is that it protects the planet from space radiation, which is caused by the Sun’s solar wind. They are highly charged particles that burst out from the Sun like a wind. Without the magnetic field, that strong solar wind will strip away out atmosphere. Scientists are predicting this is what has happened to Mars. Therefore, the Earth’s magnetic field helps protects us from getting irradiated. The location of the North and the South magnetic field is not always the same. The Earth’s magnetic field reverses itself every 250,000 years.

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