Emotions That The Moon Brings

For me, the moon brings out several different emotions. Depending upon the mood I am in, the time it is, where I am, looking at the moon often triggers different emotions. And of course, the phases of the moon is a key trigger point as well.

When I am walking along Ocean avenue in Santa Monica, the moon shines off of the Ocean. Very late at night, when I am the only one outside, this effect is magnificent. I can’t hear a sound, but I see the moon shining up a very small area of the Ocean. The experience is quite breathtaking.

When I am in an entrepreneurial mood, I see the moon and I want to explore. I think about how amazing it would be to one day visit the moon like many others have. I wonder if one day, it will be economical for private citizen's to travel to the moon and I dream about one day being one of those citizens.

The phases of the moon always stir different emotions. When I see the small and paltry Waning Crescent Moon, I often get sad. The moon can so often inspire us and to see it so frail sometimes can be disappointing. The first and last quarter moon, which essentially look like a half moon, are always boring. These moons don't stir any raw emotion as they seem to be very common and bland. The full moon, has always stirred an excitement and intrigue within me. So many rituals, myths, and stories are told about full moons; that it often is exciting just to know that there is currently a full moon. There is a full moon every 28 days, but I do feel that if we had a full moon less frequently, such as once every 6 months, that it would create even more excitement and emotion.

Many people have said that a full moon causes people to act wilder. Perhaps people feel it gives them a license to do something they wouldn't do on just any night. But we do have to remember that there are 12 or 13 full moons each year - so it isn't as rare of an event that many people imagine.

Of course a Blue Moon doesn't come around often, but this moon of course isn't blue and most of us don't know when we see a full moon if it is actually a blue moon.

I do feel fortunate that the moon is always up in the sky, every night, for us to enjoy. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to view earth from the moon - to see how it looks and what emotions it invites. For now, I of course have to settle with the moon and it continues to be a great wonder for us all.

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