Exact Full Moon Time

The full moon dates tell us when the sky will light up with a full moon. Knowing these dates are necessary because often we'll think we are viewing a full moon when we actually aren't. In addition to full moon dates, there is an exact time when the moon is officially full.

This exact time of course occurs on the date of a full moon. An important thing to note is that this time can be in the AM - so one can't always plan to view the moon when it is exactly full. When the full moon is in the AM - it will appear very full the night before and the night of - so some people like to say that we have two straight nights of a full moon when the exact time is in the AM.

The exact full moon time is in Grenwich Mean Time (GMT). GMT is the official starting time for each of the time zones across the world. GMT is commonly referred to as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Here below is a table to convert GMT to your time zone. Please remember that if you are in daylight savings time, the time zone converter referenced below will be one hour less.

New York (Eastern Time) - Subtract 5 hours from GMT
Chicago (Central Time) - Subtract 6 hours from GMT
Denver (Mountain Time) - Subtract 7 hours from GMT
Los Angeles (Pacific Time) - Subtract 8 hours from GMT
London (Western Europe Time) London time is GMT
Paris (Central Europe Time) Add 1 hour to GMT

Our full moon dates highlight the exact time for each full moon. The time of course is in GMT.

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