Failed Moon Missions

Throughout the twentieth century, America and many other nations around the world had infatuation with the moon and they had great inspirations of one day making the moon an active part of our culture. As Americans first anticipated the first ever launch of Pioneer O on August 17, 1958, it was unfortunately a failed attempt as just after 77 seconds the rocket had exploded. However, 11 years later Apollo 11 was the first human engineered spacecraft to successfully land on the moon, where they planted the American flag on lunar soil. As this was a phenomenal breakthrough in America and the world as a whole, it took over 40 other spacecrafts to eventually lead them to the innovation to walk the moon.

There are numerous failed moon missions that have failed prior to Apollo 11, and what may be even more shocking is that there were also failed attempts of launching and landing on the moon after Apollo 11; even with better technological innovations than 1969. Missions such as: Luna 23, Apollo 13, and Cosmos 300, were some of the various missions that have failed throughout American history in attempts to study and land on the moon. Many of the failures within this time frame were problems with controls, engines, or mechanics; rarely, if ever of any of the failures were caused by the astronauts on board. One of the most traumatizing experiences that was a failed mission to the moon was on Apollo 13. As through midflight into space, the aircraft reported an explosion in the service module, and cause the individuals to return home.

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