How Many Stars Are There

Perhaps one amongst the many great unknown mysteries regarding the outside galaxy is the question of how many stars are in the sky. Unfortunately, this is still a astronomy related mystery that scientists don’t expect to find out anytime soon. It is difficult enough for many of the scientists to figure out how many stars are in a single constellation, yet alone in the sky. Many scientists believe that an efficient way of getting an estimate is to measure the amount of stars within the Milky Way, and then from there throw a rough estimate of how many galaxies are within the universe. Scientists have concluded various numbers ranging from 200 billion, all the way to 3 thousand billion stars in this universe. However, according to NASA, that is just the number of stars that we can study and understand, and that there are actually many more stars that are perhaps invisible. Therefore, to truthfully sum up the question, it is unknown, as the technology that is currently being used cannot yield the responses we are looking for.

The current state of technology is anything but mediocre; however, the state of which NASA and other large astronomy based organizations and institutions are referring to cannot be seen with our present level of technological innovations. The high powered telescopes, radioactive waves, and other devices that we use to see and sketch signals and images of the atmosphere are not powerful enough to look deep into space and discover the deepest and most interesting things space has to offer. The type of technology that is even being considered here is way beyond what scientists can speculate to achieve within the next decade or perhaps even more. Stars that we as humans know and understand are only possibly some of the few we know, however, it does not go to say that there are not billions and billions of different types of stars out there that we do not even know about.

In regards to visible stars within a geographic area, that can be determined by various things, and whether or not you are just using your naked eye, or perhaps a telescope of some sort. Other conditions apply such as where your geographic location is. Geographic locations that are predominately filled with pollution from metropolis areas generally have less visible stars. Therefore, the best areas to sit and star gaze are located outside the city at a high elevation where there is hopefully less interference. These rural and open areas are where stars can be counted by the tens and perhaps even hundreds. As for the entire number of stars in the sky, that is still a mystery that hopefully someday we will uncover.

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