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Moon Phase Oracle 2007 - Premier Version

astronomy, astro, astrology, solunar effect, solunar info, hunting moon, fishing moon phase buy license registration key
and make it yours!

Moon Phase Oracle 2007 - Premier Version

(The Premier version includes Solunar Effect)

Maximize your chances of successful fishing or hunting using the next generation of solunar prediction software.

Solunar based tables have been used for over 50 years to predict peak fishing and hunting times, more recently software has replicated the same information. Neither have in the past provided the ability to configure according to a specific location and target species like Moon Phase Oracle is capable of.

Solunar Predictions will guide you to the major and minor periods for your target species. When fishing, tidal information can be displayed for over 3000 locations worldwide.

You are able to configure Moon Phase Oracle settings for Astronomy, Fishing, Gardening, Hunting, Photography or to any custom application of your choice. (See: Phase Setup)

For Fishing, Hunting or Custom use: the Premier Version includes Solunar Effect information. The Standard Version is suitable for Astronomy, Photography, Gardening or Custom use.

When you purchase Moon Phase Oracle, included at absolutely no cost is Weather Oracle which allows you to display the weather forecast for 10 days!

Worldwide use
For years 2001-2100
Solunar Based Predictions
Lunar Based Predictions
Weather Forecasts
Tidal Information
Astronomy Information
Calendar Interface
Log Observations
Easy to Use
Highly Configurable

Custom Applications

Win 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP
9Mb disk space
English language setting
Printer optional

SOLUNAR EFFECT - Moon Phase Oracle Premier Version

Information related to the effect in relation to Solunar Theory is displayed in the Activity group and the estimated tidal range is displayed in the Tide group. Tide Range is estimated for a particular day period.


The default length for the Major period is 2hrs and 1hr for the Minor period. The length of the Major period can be altered from 2-6hrs and 1-6hrs for the Minor period. Adjustments to the length of each period can be made by using the scroll bar arrows beneath the Major and Minor activity length display in increments of 15 minutes.

The position of the Major and Minor period can be adjusted by -5hrs to +5hrs in increments of 30 minutes by the Activity Time Adjustment slider control.

All times are represented in 24hr format. When a start time begins in the previous day a () separates the times (.e.g..22:26.<26.>




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