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A great gift for all of us who love the moon and stars

with the StarMessage screensaver

For just $10

  • Lets you write your name, your wishes, or your love messages with the stars of the night sky.
  • Shows the current moon phase.
  • Notifies you about the upcoming full moon and the full moon name.
  • Calms you with tender sounds of ocean waves, birds, lullabies.
  • Shows famous quotes of love, peace, wisdom and humor.
  • Is easy to install or to remove.
  • Carefully engineered, to use minimum disk and memory space from your computer. It does not overload your computer.
  • And much more ... »

image of the moon phases

If you like the moon, you must have its' screensaver

StarMessage: The Moon Phases Screensaver.

¤ Shows the current lunar phase..
¤ Notifies you about the upcoming full moon and full moon name.
¤ Shows your messages written with the stars of the night sky.
¤ Contains relaxing sounds of ocean waves, lullabies, birds.

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Opinions about the StarMessage screensaver by other users like you
¤ I downloaded the trial and was so pleased with it I HAD to register it. It's great to look at, its a good communication tool. I leave greetings, messages there for other family members. Its amazing and practical, worth every penny and A+ customer support.

Janice Brown

¤ This is by far the very best screen saver one can find. Lost hard drives etc....I will reinstall each and every time. Have had since 98 and wouldn't change it for one second. Who can ask for more than the 'moon and stars'?

Sherry Smothers
Sarasota, FL

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