Mars Anomalies

Mars is very unique - here are some reasons why.

UFO’S, aliens, future life forms, have all been tag lines for interesting anomalies that accompany Mars. An anomaly by definition is a unique, strange, or abnormal event that is often described as a deviation of the rules. Mars’s first documentation of discovery was somewhere around 1500 B.C., and since then it is safe to say that anomalies started to surface very soon after. This orange and red colored planet glows and emits an aura of mystery and suspense, which is often reinforced by apparent unique and strange events that are reported to have taken place.

There have been recent accounts that state some sort of monolith has been found through imagery of NASA’s rover, Opportunity. This monolith has a profile that is very similar to ones that are present on earth, and furthermore, it has become one of the fastest and popular growing anomalies tied to Mars. It has gotten recognition from Buzz Aldrin, who also confirms that it is indeed a monolith. Another anomaly that is growing in recognition is the belief of pagan god Marduk. Marduk was a god that was apparently associated with the planet Mars, and recent imagery has been arguably manipulated to create some sort of forming portrait or proof of this ancient pagan god.

Aliens are always up for talk and debate, since the 2000’s the growing numbers of individuals who believe that Aliens from Mars are creating and giving signs through crop pictures has been arguably some of the most peculiar and elaborative evidence for this intergalactic theory.

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