Mars Exploration

Many of us yearn to learn more about Mars

There has been an ever growing infatuation between us earthlings and the never ending fantasy world that lies just outside of our home planet Earth. It should come to no surprise that there is a visible relationship between Earth and exploration of Mars. Mars being a neighboring planet to Earth, has received all of our curiosity, and has been explored by various satellites and rovers.

There have been many unsuccessful efforts to explore mars with probes prior to rovers. The first form of exploration November 28, 1964 by NASA’s satellite Mariner 4 was the first mission that had actually provided a closer picture of this red planet. However, arguably the greatest exploration mission was the initial and first time an object from earth had moved on Mars. On June 10, 2003 NASA's rover called Spirit, landed inside what was once called a crater lake, Gusev Crater. The operation was only expected to last around three to a best possible of eight years, however the rover had lasted much longer and was later accompanied by Opportunity, which is another rover from NASA.

Future missions to Mars are currently being conducted and planned, in which they all hope to strike upon some new images, chemicals, or perhaps even better life forms. It is a universal attempt to find out what Mars is all about and furthermore the possibility of this mysterious planet being home to something besides dust.

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