Mars Moons

There has been a ton of debate about the moons of mars.

Is it fact or myth? A hoax or tangible evidence? Fortunately, it has been proven that it is indeed true, Mars does most certainly have two moons. These two moons were first proven valid in 1877 when American Astronomer Asaph Hall identified them after an extensively deep and long search. The two moons were named after two Greek Mythological gods, Phobos and Deimos meaning panic and fear. Phobos and Deimos are so small in comparison to the planet, that in 1959 Walter Scott Houston in attempt to circulate an April fool’s day joke perpetuated the notion that these two moons were in fact hoaxes, and that they were actually manmade satellites.

Phobos and Deimos are miniscule in size in comparison to Mars, but what most individuals don’t know, is that we have very little to no information about their origin, composition, or even purpose. Contrary we do know that they hold very different purposes in comparison to the Earth’s moon. Phobos and Deimos rise and set differently than each other, and are tidally locked meaning that they always present the same side or face to Mars. However, since Phobos is actually significantly closer to Mars, the tidal locking is actually starting to diminish the orbital radius of Phobos. Therefore, it is speculated that Phobos will eventually be broken up by these tidal forces. Deimos on the other hand is so far away from Mars that it is actually have the opposite effect, and making the actual moon come closer.

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