Mercury Information

Information about one of the coolest planets.

The smallest planet Mercury, which is slightly larger than the Moon is known as the closest planet to the Sun. The diameter of Mercury is 4,878 km, which is only 38% of Earth’s diameter. Since the characteristics of space do not let it entrap heat, Mercury’s temperature varies a lot throughout the day. The temperature goes up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit or 450 degrees Celsius because it is so close to the sun. However, the temperature goes down to - 275 degrees Fahrenheit or - 170 degrees Celsius. A very interesting fact about Mercury is that although it is very close to the Sun, there is a possibility that Mercury might have ice in its craters.

Mercury is known as the second densest planet in the Solar System. It has a huge metallic core that is about 2400 miles or 2800 km wide, which is about 75% of Earth’s diameter. Mercury has a magnetic field that is just 1% of the strength of Earth’s magnetic field. This creates fast and powerful magnetic tornadoes which guides to hot plasma of the solar wind. Mercury orbits around the sun every 88 days, which makes it travel 12,000 miles or 180,000 km per hour. Unlike other planets, Mercury has an exosphere that is made out of atoms which is not a substantial atmosphere. Those atoms escape into the space by the solar wind that forms a tail of particles on Mercury. Unlike some planets, Mercury does not have any rings or moons.

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