Moon Videos

Being a huge part of the earth, the moon is arguably one of the more fascinating aspects of astronomy to present day. It is close enough for us to observe and even walk on, furthermore it provides a laminating light at night for the world us humans reside on. The moon has quite a popular fan base, and is a prominent part of matriculation as well. It provided a sense of unity within the American nation in 1969, when America needed a collective achievement most, and is praised within our history as one of the biggest and greatest steps for mankind to present day. The moon is a huge part of the history of America, and as well as the world as a whole. Here are some videos to show the sheer beauty and appreciation for the moon:

Above is Apollo 11

Above is a Long video, but educational

Above is HD footage of moon

Above is it a UFO???

Humans living on the moon?

Above is Water on the moon

Above is Google earth and the moon

Above is Conspiracy about the moon

Above is Recognition about the events regarding the moon

Above is a Detailed video about the moon as a possible hoax

Daily Moon Horoscope
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