Moons of Venus

Venus is moonless

Venus being the second closest planet to the sun has been deemed the only planet without moons besides Mercury. It is hard to state whether or not Venus has had any moons in the past, but as to why there are no moons on Venus is a complete mystery. There is a belief that Venus alongside with Mercury does not have moons due to the fact that both planets are relatively closer than the other six planets to the sun, and that if both planets did have moons that they would be greatly affected by the gravitational pull of the sun.

Another theory about Venus and its lack of moons is that Venus is the only planet to actually rotate backwards and even more interesting is that one day on Venus is actually longer than one year. These interesting and strange characteristics point to many different theories and conspiracies. The fact that this planet spins backwards is possible proof that the planet has once had a major collision, which is a theory that earth shares as well. Therefore, it is possible that this collision had actually material floating around that coalesced into a possible moon or even moons. However, a belief that the suns gravitational pull had actually made the moon collapse back into the planet.

Evidence is strong and conspiracies align with the notion that Venus had once had moons, possibly 300-500 million years ago. However, as of today, there are no moons that surround Venus.

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