Neptune Atmosphere

About the atmosphere of Neptune

So what is Neptune�s atmosphere mostly composed of?

Neptune�s atmosphere comprises mostly of hydrogen and helium with a small amount of methane. The thick atmosphere has about 74% hydrogen, 25% helium and about 1% methane. The icy particles of methane in Neptune�s atmosphere create the deep blue color of Neptune because the methane in the outer part of its atmosphere absorbs red light, while allowing the blue light to bounce back.

There are icy clouds and massive storms in Neptune�s atmosphere. The massive storms and icy clouds change rapidly on Neptune because of the tremendous winds that are present around the planet. The wind that is present on Neptune is the fastest winds in the solar system � winds that have been tracked at 2,400 km/h (1,500 miles per hour). On Neptune, there is a spot known as the �Great Dark Spot� which was discovered by Voyager 2. This Great Dark Spot is a storm system that resembles Jupiter�s Red Spot. The Great Dark Spot is surrounded by white cirrus clouds of frozen methane. The shape, size and location of the spot vary a lot over time. The spot sometimes disappears and reappears on occasion. The storm on Neptune spins counterclockwise.

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