Neptunes Distance From The Sun

How far is Neptune from the Sun.

Just like any other planets in the Solar System, Neptune�s distance from the Sun changes by time. Therefore, it is sometimes closer to the Sun and sometimes further away from the Sun. However, the average distance is about 2.8 billion miles. That is 4.5 billion km, or 4,503,443,661 km. When Neptune is closer to the Sun, it is called, perihelion and when it is further away, it is called, aphelion. The distance that is measured during perihelion is about 4.45 billion km away from the Sun. During aphelion, it is about 4.55 billion km away from the Sun. Although we use miles and kilometer, astronomers use different unit to measure the distance. It is called Astronomical Unit, or AU. It was created to measure the distance in the Solar System. 1AU is about 150 million km, which is the average distance from the Sun to the Earth. Therefore, if we compare this to Neptune, it turns out that during perihelion, Neptune is about 29.8AU away from the Sun and 30.4AU away during aphelion.

There is one thing that astronomers are very curious about. Despite this long distance from Neptune to the Sun, Neptune�s temperature is very high. Compared to Uranus, one of the planets that are located close to the Sun, Neptune receives 40% less sunlight but their surface heat is almost same. More interestingly, Neptune gives off 2.6 times more energy than the energy it took from the Sun! This is the reason why Neptune�s surface can glow without the Sun.

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