Neptunes Surface

Neptunes Surface is unlike any other surface.

The surface of Neptune is known to be the most dynamic and active place in the Solar System. Neptune is one of the planets that hold a lot of energy and heat. If you look at a picture of Neptune, you see this pretty blue-green surface. That surface looks solid, but it is actually not solid. It is made out of gas. So what we actually see in the picture is not the surface of Neptune, but it is the top of the clouds of Neptune. You might want to walk or stand on Neptune but this is impossible.

However, unlike the surface, the core center of Neptune is very rocky. In the core, the temperature and pressure is very high. This is one thing that the astronomers are very curious of: Why is the inside of Neptune so hot? The astronomers just cannot figure it out because Neptune is so far away from the Sun. Compared to Uranus, one of the planets that are located close to the Sun, Neptune receives 40% less sunlight but their surface heat is almost same. More interestingly, Neptune gives off 2.6 times more energy than the energy it took from the Sun! This is the reason why Neptune�s surface can glow without the Sun.

The rocky cores temperature is so hot that it can melt rocks. The high heat of Neptune and the cold temperature of the space create a huge temperature difference. This difference creates a huge wind blasting like a hurricane. The wind blasting of Neptune is about 2,400 km/hour. This speed is almost 10 times the speed of a hurricane on Earth.

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