Saturn Moons List

As you can see, Saturn has many, many, many more moons then Earth does.

Saturn being the 6th farthest planet from the moon and a lower average density than that of water, has a grand total of 62 moons. These 61 moons range in density and size. The largest moon, Titan, is bigger than the entire planet of mercury, and the smallest being less than 10km in diameter. Of the 62 moons found by Saturn, only seven of them actually have wide enough diameters to be somewhat spherical. The composition of these moons range from gases to solid surfaces, and drastically ranges in volume. Saturn’s moons often receive their name from Greek mythological gods, the first being discovered in 1655 by Christian Huygens, who was using an objective lens and sought to find some new planets. In which case, Huygens was confused by the abnormally large size of Titan, thinking that it was actually a planet.

Twenty-four out of the sixty moons are on what is called a regular satellite pattern, in which they are relatively closer to Saturn and therefore follow some sort of regular orbit around the planet. Thirty-eight of these moons are irregular, in which they are often much farther from the planet. These moons contribute to the effervescent ring that is around Saturn’s gaseous state. The ring of the planet ranges from microscopic particles, to some of the bigger moons circling around the orbit. However, since the ring has exponential amounts of particles and moons entrapped within its layer, it is relatively impossible at the current time to give an exact number of moons that Saturn truly has. There is a lack of information about the number of moons Saturn has and their characteristics, however, as time progresses as will technology, which will than hopefully open the mysterious layers of the various moons.

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