Second Moon of the Earth

In 1969, a group of brave American astronauts set foot on the moon and made a mark for mankind and set the intriguing path of space exploration. However, in 1986 there was a conspiracy of an object perhaps a UFO, planet, or a moon that had a diameter of three km or five miles, and orbited around the earth every 700 years. At first scientists were baffled, and some even claimed that it was actually the discovery of the earth’s second moon, however 11 years later, the scientists started to get a much better understanding of this object and its complicated orbit. The so-called moon was only given the title due to the fact that both this object and the earth share the same orbit, unfortunately it is not a true moon in comparison the moon that we all know.

The object was later named Cruithine, and rather than actually being a moon or having moonlike characteristics, it just shares the earth’s orbit around the sun. 3753 Cruithine is actually an asteroid. The asteroid was a shock to many, and further research commenced due to concerns of possibly colliding. However, after the asteroid was studied, they figured out its motion was going to remain stable, and would not collide with earth. Cruithine’s path is quite complex in comparison to other satellites. The route of Cruithine is unusual, as it starts to approach the earth, it actually turns back around, and instead goes the other way of which it came, until it reaches the other side of the earth, and repeats this process every time.

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