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Google Moon - Google offers a photographic map of several regions of the moon with zooming capability

Man On The Moon from CBS - CBS has archived the original footage of the Apollo 11 takeoff and the subsequent landing and walking on the moon by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

Moon Thumbnails - NASA has done an amazing job to archive and publish some of the most famous images that were photographed on the Apollo missions

Space Adventure - the only company to have sent private citizens to space, offering once in a life time opportunities.

NASA Moon Globe - Resting on a clear stand, this Moon Globe is not attached to the stand, so you can pick it up and explore the moon. This can be a great gift for anyone interested in the world of astronomy.

Astronomy Software and Gadgets
Desktop Rover R/C tank - Inspired by NASA Planetary Exploration Missions, Plantraco's Desktop Rover is a Telepresence Capable R.O.V. (Remote Operated Vehicle) that enables the user to have a little taste of what it feels like to explore an "Alien Landscape" remotely!

Sharper Image Laser Stars Light Show (HP800) - Just occasionally a product comes along that simply blows us away. We get to see a lot of crazy and sometimes brilliant inventions, but Laser Cosmos is without a doubt the most superb one we've seen. There is no product out there that comes even close to the sheer excellence of this galactic wonder - sorry to sound quite so effusive, but really, it's staggering.

Laserpod Supernova - Space, the final frontier. These are the features of the Laserpod Supernova - to boldly glow where no Laserpod has glowed before, to seek out new lighting effects, to transform your ceiling into a laser studded sky of infinite depth and variation. We may be stretching the analogy a bit now, so let's move on. This total re-design, re-fit and re-vamp of the Laserpod into its current incarnation as the aptly named Supernova is quite simply stunning. Looking not a little unlike the piston head from some kind of sexy super-car, it hides a brilliant (quite literally) lighting display system. A cluster of powerful LEDs and a laser are embedded in the aluminium body of the light, and shine up through a revolving multi-faced crystal that splits and fractures the light sources into a galaxy of ever changing effects. Great sweeps of stars (including shooting ones) unfold across your ceiling, interspersed with clustered novas, and probably a quark or two. The Supernova comes with three filters to change the style and impact of the display from crisp stars and space clouds, to ever transforming fractal light show, to gentle undulation colour shifts, and you can place any glass item over the top lens to add even more lighting effects. Each element creates different but equally mesmerising lighting effects that are both mellow and yet decidedly funky. The Laserpod Supernova is set to be the 21st Century answer to the lava lamp, only stratospherically cooler.

Fascinations Levitron Platinum Pro Combo Kit - Levitron Platinum Plus takes an old classic and puts such a modern twist on it that you can’t quite believe it until you see it for yourself. As the name would suggest Levitron is a spinning top that levitates. This is no easy task to conquer as there are some serious scientific theories involved that have kept physicists puzzled for years but in true Crazyaboutgadgets style we’ll ‘try’ to explain.

By using two powerful opposing magnets (One permanently fixed in the base and one inside the top) the spinning top is capable of levitating for minutes at a time and because it’s spinning the gyroscopic effects hold the top directly over the opposing magnet. The heavy magnetised base has three easily adjustable legs to ensure that its level before you start your levitation. There are loads of complicated equations and theories to waffle on about, but in short if your top isn’t spinning at the correct speed and the base isn’t level it won’t be able to levitate. Ok so that’s the tricky bit over with, but we’re still hearing you ask “how do you start the top spinning”. Well the answer to that question really couldn’t be easier. You can either use the starter handle (not included) or if you think you’re up to the challenge you can give it a quick twist with your fingers then by lifting the plate under the top it will miraculously start to float in mid air. Once levitating, Levitron Platinum plus is so cool as it allows you to pass things over around or under the top as it carries on levitating with absolutely no effect on the levitation. Anti gravity at its best? We think you’ll agree.

Moon In My Room, Moon illuminated Moon light, moon gadget, moon gift, moon phases, illuminated moon buy license registration key and make it yours! Moon In My Room, Moon illuminated. The Moon in My Room is one small step for technology, and one giant leap for fun lighting.
The Moon is an accurate curved relief of the real thing, and is designed to be mounted on your bedroom wall. Using a mini remote control, you can control the phases of the moon, or leave it on automatic and watch is phase through twelve stages from Waning Crescent through Waxing Gibbous (don't you just love the sound of that) to New Moon. The Moon will automatically turn itself on in a darkened room, and turn itself off after 30 minutes (though you can override this feature if you wish). It's powered by just four AA batteries (with 2 AAA's in the remote) and comes with a CD giving you an audio tour of the Moon round all its craters and seas. There's nothing like bringing the magic of the Moon into your room.

UFO Hovering Flying Saucer Kids Toy (colors vary) - Our favourite find of this year! The wireless radio controlled saucer can fly 10m high and is controlled by a sensitive 'Variable thrust transmitter' allowing the pilot to precisely command lift off and hover flight. The Charging Launch Platform charges the Vectron in minutes for 10 minutes of flight. Safety 'auto-stop' is activated if anything gets in the way of the propeller blades. Supplied with mains adaptor, requires 2 AA batteries, not supplied. Age 10 and above.

X UFO toy - The X-UFO is out there (much like the truth) in a deeply wacky and immensely fun way. Hot off the press from the States, this ground-breaking remote controlled UFO is the latest crazy flying thing around. With full three-dimensional control, the innovative X-UFO incorporates the latest miniature technology, utilising four powerful electric motors, with two pairs of contra-rotating propellers and an electronic gyroscope, for incredible stability.

The X-UFO features four channel proportional radio control, with a range of up to 100 metres, and includes individual trims to finely balance each function for optimum performance. It has a lightweight carbon fibre frame with extremely durable poly foam ring body, and a high capacity flight battery which will give you about five minutes' flight time, and will recharge in 25 minutes using the supplied UK mains charger, or the convenient portable car charger. You can fly it both inside and out (under calm conditions), and it incorporates one red and three blue flashing LED lights, that not only assist orientation and indicate when the gyro is up to speed, but also make it look just like a real UFO when flown in the dark!

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