The Celestial Sphere

The concept of the celestial sphere that is used in many fields or situations such as astronomy and navigation is best described as an imaginary sphere that both the earth and the celestial sphere itself are moving along the same axis. The celestial sphere is not an actual sphere or object within space, but rather it is a completely fictitious sphere that is used for the sole reasons of attempting to understand positioning of various objects within the sky. This complex concept is often attempted to be explain through the concept that the objects that are located within our atmosphere can be seen as a projection upon this imaginary celestial sphere. The concept of the celestial sphere can also at times be thought of as an imaginary hologram, as the celestial sphere has its own equator and poles which make understanding and studying astronomy a much more tangible as well as easier task. The anatomy or makeup of the celestial sphere can be seen in either or both geocentric and topocentric views. This basically stating that no matter what position you as an observer are viewing or positioning the celestial sphere in, it will always grant 99.9% accurate depictions.

The celestial sphere is divided by mentally projecting the equator into space, and then having the equatorial line act as the divide for two hemispheres that separate the sphere. Just as the earth rotates once on its axis, so does the celestial sphere, however, the difference between the celestials sphere and the earth is that the earth rotates from east to west the celestial sphere rotates from west to east. Another important and interesting object that one must keep in mind when studying the sphere is the imaginary road or path to the sun, also known as the elliptic path, as this aspect of the celestial sphere helps paint and differentiate the positioning of various objects within and around the celestial sphere. The concept of the celestial sphere is not complex, it is important to understand that it is fictitious, and that it is used by many astronomers and navigators to help distinguish the positioning of various objects. Overall, the absolute best way to understand the celestial sphere is that it is an actual hologram and exact replication of the actual earth; however, it is just used in different locations to understand the effects of an area would have if the earth were in the celestial sphere’s place.

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