The Harvest Moon

Farmers have enjoyed the extra light which this moon provides.

The moon rises about 50 minutes after the sun is fully set. However with a Harvest moon - the moon will rise immediately. So, while we usually will get darkness before the moon rises - a harvest moon creates a unique and fun effect whereby the darkness is limited by the moons appearance.

The harvest moon fascinates us as it looks much bigger and colorful than most moons. The harvest moon looks almost red when it rises as a result of the added particles that the moon’s light passes through.

The harvest moon got its name because it allows farmers to work late into the night as a result of the strong light this moon gives off. The great thing for farmers is that the effect of the Harvest moon goes on for a few nights before and/or after the actual Harvest moon, its not just one day which has this interesting effect.

The harvest moon has a variety of other names as well. One of the most popular names is the Wine Moon, with other common names being the Singing Moon and the Elk Call Moon. Many people don't realize that while the Harvest moon usually occurs in September, in can in some years occur in October.

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