Time The Moon Sets

The moon rise and setting times is quite a simple cycle to understand. The moon rises when the upper portion of the moon is above the earth’s horizon and the moon sets when the lower portion of the moon is below the horizon. There are numerous ways in order to find out when the moon rises and sets, and can be found in our various articles. However, the interesting thing about the setting of the moon is that it is quite different from the setting of the sun. As the moon has different phases, full or partial, the moon is actually a rather difficult entity to track. The motion of the moon is rather complicated to track and calculate in comparison to that of the sun. Furthermore, the most accurate way to figure out when the moon is setting and the direction of which it sets is to use a planetarium program, which is able to calculate the direction and time of the moon.

The moon rises and sets due to the rotation of the earth, and the old saying that the moon sets in the west is anything but folklore. As with all things rising and setting, the moon rises in the east, and sets in the west. This is because the earth’s rotation is generally from east to west. As far as the times of the moon rising and setting, it fully depends on the time of year and the equinoxes. If it is winter, than the moon will rise and set in the south, as compared to that of summer it sets in the north. However, during spring and autumn it stays somewhat stationary and is documented to set only in the east or west.

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