Tracking Down Missing Moon Rock

Our trips to the moon have been fascinating, entertaining, rewarding, and informative for us all. When man first walked on the moon in 1969 – it captivated the nation and people to this day still talk about it. But some wonder why we went to the moon – especially since we didn’t get anything financially out of it. What many people don’t know is that the US Government did bring back rocks from the moon and the limited supply of them have indeed made them very valuable. Interestingly enough, about half of the moon rock that has been brought back can’t be found by anyone.

Over 250 moon rocks have been collected and over one hundred are missing. Recently, NASA investigators have been hard at work to try and track them down. The moon rocks have significant value due partly to the fact that manned moon missions haven’t taken place for almost 40 years. With little rocks in existence, moon rocks are true artifacts and the excitement of the manned moon missions only adds to the value of the rocks.

Moon Rocks are worth approximately $50,000 per gram. To put that in perspective, Silver is worth roughly 50 cents per gram. That makes Moon Rocks one hundred thousand times more expensive than silver. Some moon rocks, for instance, are worth in the millions of dollars. So, the fact that half of all moon rocks have gone missing is a pretty big deal.

A lot of the missing Moon Rock was first brought here on the Apollo 11 mission. At that time, President Nixon gave the Moon Rock out as gifts and each of the 50 states was a recipient of some moon rock. When graduate students researched where the missing moon rock had gone - they were able to track some of it down. Most notably, an Alaska man has claimed to have found moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission. He is said to have found it after a Fire at the Alaska State Museum. A lawsuit is underway to see who the rightful owner of the moon rock is.

Other moon rocks which have been found have been returned after individuals had realized that they had mistakenly taken the rock.

All of this intrigue and excitement begs the question - why don’t we go back to the moon for more rocks. NASA’s goal of course wasn’t to profit off the mission through the sale of rocks so this isn’t a consideration. Moreover, it is very likely that the value of the Rocks will decline with more Rocks on the market plus the value of current moon rocks have sky rocketed partly because of the history and story behind them.

So, for now, NASA and even independent people have undertaken the task to try and track down some of the moon rock which has went missing over the years.

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