Water on Mars

Did we really find a natural resource on Mars.

In 2002, there had been evidence of water above and possibly below the surface of Mars. This was a phenomenal discovery that led to extended and more progressive forms of research on Mars through probes such as Mars Odyssey and the various rovers. As of July 31, 2008 NASA scientists have found and documented that proof of water was discovered on the surface. Terrain markings and advanced imagery have proven that there was indeed water present, which was only further reinforced by Mars’s rover Spirit.

However, all of this new and exciting discussion about the water found proves to be somewhat of old news. Evidence points to the main belief that possibly in the past that Mars was once a planet with free flowing water. Soil samples have lead scientists to believe that this sand dune of a planet once was possibly a planet with a decent and substantial amount of water. Furthermore, this theory is backed up by the belief that under the surface of Mars a substantial amount of water is present. Apparently there is so much water under the surface that it could fill up two Lake Michigans.

All of these interesting and new discoveries have also lead to a lot of confusion and distraught, yet overall have been acknowledged as a scientific breakthrough. As water and other signs of life are being discovered in Mars and other planets, these are significant and key breakthroughs that will only help further progress mankind and its understanding of the intergalactic world that engulfs us.

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