What Color Is Mercury

Mercury has some brilliant colors

The Mercury substance, which is liquid at room temperature, is silver. Then what�s the color of Mercury the planet? Mercury�s surface was made billions of years ago after the formation of the Solar System. Over billions of years, no activity such as tectonic erosion has occurred in Mercury. It was only reshaped by occasional meteorite impact. Its molten surface was cooled and hardened and became the shape that is now. Unlike many of the planets in the Solar System, Mercury is made out of rock. It does have a weak and fragile atmosphere but the space based observations shows rocky, gray color surface. Mercury has a dark gray surface that is broken up by large and small craters. With occasional lighter gray color pieces, the overall color of Mercury�s surface is just textures of gray.

If you look at a picture of the Moon and the picture of the planet Mercury, you can find that they look very similar. It is because Mercury�s color and the surface are very similar to the Moon. They both are rocky gray and have broken up craters. However, there are some differences between them. The moon, unlike Mercury, has lot of darker areas, or what astronomers call �seas�. It is because the Moon has a lot of lava flows that creates those dark areas. Also, the Moon has more variety of colors compared to Mercury.

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