What is Pluto Made Of

We can only guess what Pluto is made out of.

Pluto is a very tiny small planet that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Even if you use regular telescopes, you will only see a small dot. Therefore, the astronomers have used the world�s biggest telescopes to study and guess what Pluto is made out of. From their observations, they have guessed that it is made out of 98% nitrogen ice, with some methane and carbon monoxide. The ice that is covering Pluto is reflecting and making Pluto to appear very bright. The atmosphere is very thin which is mostly made of nitrogen gas. Astronomers also believe that there are possible storms and clouds on Pluto. When Pluto is closest to the Sun, the materials in its layer evaporate and form an atmosphere around the dwarf planet. When it�s further away from the Sun, the atmosphere freezes and becomes a surface.

Astronomers are also making predictions that Pluto probably has a rocky core surrounded by a shell of ice. Pluto�s density is about 2.0 g/cm3, which makes the interior to be 50-70% rock and 30-50% ice. Also, the decaying radioactive elements inside will probably make the rock and ice move around. However, this is just an approximate guess. Pluto is the only planet that was not observed by a spacecraft. With the current technology, they can only observe Pluto from far away with a telescope. However, NASA has announced that they will be sending a spacecraft by 2015 to observe Pluto.

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