What Makes Mars Different

What makes Mars so different than the other 7 planets?

Many have said that the new goal of NASA is to get to Mars. Having sent Man to the moon in 1969, and then doing it 5 more times over the next few years, NASA accomplished its stated goal. However, NASA hasn't sent anyone to the moon since 1972, and it isn't likely to do so in the near term. NASA wants to innovate and going to Mars would be an amazing innovation. But why can we even consider going to Mars and not any other Planet?

The major difference in Mars is also the reason why it is conceivable for humans to visit Mars. Mars has the presence of water, ice, oxygen and other particles. These are important attributes that seperate Mars from the other planets. Mars also has other features which are comparable to features on earth. Mars has mountains, canyons, and even canals. A day on Mars is 24.6 hours long which of course is very similar to how long days are on earth.

Mars does have additional characteristics that set it apart from other planets. Mars has frozen water at its poles - as does Earth. However, no other planet can make this claim. Mars also has an extremely large volcano, which is called Olympus Mons. This volcano is larger than any volcano on any of the other planets. Olympus Mons is over 80,000 feet high and it has fascinated astronomers ever since it was discovered.

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