Why Do So Many People Think We Never Landed On The Moon?

Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with the human visits to the moon.

Many people find it hard to believe that up to 20% of the US population thinks that we never landed on the moon. Many people think it was a hoax orchestrated by NASA and that man has never indeed walked on the moon. These conspiracy theorists think that NASA doctored photos and other evidence to deceive the public into thinking that the moon landings had actually happened.

It has been almost 40 years since we have landed on the moon. And if this really was a NASA hoax, it is likely to say that by now - the hoax would have been exposed. Countless people have been involved with the moon landings and if all of these people were in on the hoax - by now - it would have been proven.

Nevertheless, there are still people who can not be convinced we stepped foot on the moon. In February of 2001, there as a TV show titled, "Did We Land On The Moon" - and this television program is said to have fueled the suspicion of many who believe the moon visit did not take place. People outside of the US are actually more likely to believe we never got to the moon than people from the US.

It was very important for the US to get to the moon before Russia, which many say is the reason why the US would have faked that it had been there. With almost any story, there is going to be conspiracy theories which explain something different than the norm. People are certainly entitled to their own opinion, and the Moon hoax is a conspiracy theory supported by many. However, with all of that being said, the evidence of moon visits is overwhelming, and as we approach the 40th year since our first moon visit - I for one think it is time that we put the hoax story to bed and accept the idea that we have indeed been to the moon.

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