Why Have No Other Countries Been To The Moon?

It's been so long since we have been there - one would of thought other countries by now would have visited the moon.

It has been about 40 years since the US first landed on the moon. The US has since has since landed on the moon 5 other times with the most recent visit being in 1972. So clearly, the US has stopped focusing on moon visits as NASA has set its sights on other missions such as the possibility of visiting Mars.

However, just because the US conquered the moon visit doesn't mean other countries aren't allowed to visit it. No one country owns the moon - and everyone has the right to go there. So, why have no other countries been to the moon?

Several countries have sent robotic probes to the moon - but no other country has sent an actual human to the moon. The Soviets were in a race with the US to get to the moon in the late 60's; however once the US got to the moon there plans had less importance. Going to the moon isn't an endeavor that will result in a lot of money for a given country - so with the US already garnering the pride from being the first country to the moon - other countries have decided to invest funds elsewhere. And, even though the US got to the moon already, it is still a very difficult, expensive, complex, and risky endeavor.

There have been recent reports than China is considering a visit to the moon. In fact, China has talked about giving a time table for their plan to send a human to the moon for the first time since 1972. China has also talked about sending a robotic probe to both Mars and Venus.

As for the US - will it ever get back to the moon? Right now - it doesn't seem likely - funds are limited - and Space of course is infinitely big so there is just so much to do.

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